A Clear Eyesight: A Review on “EO Flexwear Emotions”

Bonjour les amis!

After months of hiatus in writing, I am once again back. I finally caught up with life, and managed to think properly in order to write a decent post. I can manage to do my work well despite stressful environments, but that “work” does not really include writing. I mean, yes, I do have paperworks at the office, but those are documents with existing templates which only needs minimal revisions. Writing has always been my waterloo, and will usually take extreme concentration to fulfill. The slightest bit of stress and I’m as good as a blank piece of parchment.


So going back to the original topic at hand, today I’m writing about my newly purchased contacts from Executive Optical. They offer quite a variety of contacts that you can choose from. It took me ages to decide on which to buy. LOL!

I got myself 2 pairs of lenses, one in purple and one in blue. I originally intended to buy a pair in a lighter shade but like all my other “things to buy” plans, it was immediately forgotten after arriving in the store. (Another file dumped on my mind’s recycle bin *sigh*)


EO Flexwear  Emotions in Periwinkle Purple Label

EO Flexwear Emotions are 14 mm soft contacts lenses that can be used to up to 12 months. They are available in 5 colors namely Periwinkle Purple, Henna Brown, Grey Mist, Green Tea, and Riviera Blue.

My eyes have unequal grades, -0.25 sph with -0.25 cyl (right) and -0.75 sph with -0.50 cyl (left). It’s not that high, but the slight blurs in my vision can be annoying during work. Sadly, these lenses does not provide astigmatism correction. Though you can still use them, you’re vision won’t be as clear as when you’re using trustworthy pair of glasses. My eyes only have an astigmatism of -0.25 (right) and -0.50 (left). These are just low, so ignoring it doesn’t really bother me unless I’m working or reading for long hours or when it’s dark.

I used to wear contacts that are 14.5 mm in diameter opting for a more doll-like look. This is my first time to try 14 mm contacts.


A clearer view of the periwinkle contacts

I’m so excited to try my purple contacts. Up close, you’ll see the slightly bright purple surrounded by dark brown limbal ring. This ring enhances your eye giving it a fuller look. I like this one particularly due to its not so thick and dark rings. There are contacts that have thicker and darker rings, giving my eyes a weird, scary look. (Simply my own opinion. Some people like it that way, but it creeps me out especially if its my own eyes.)


My eyes with EO Flexwear Periwinkle Purple contacts

Even if its only 14 mm, it still slightly made my eyes look larger. It’s slightly more comfortable to wear compared to the 14.5 mm lenses that I used to wear. Though I still prefer the latter which make my eyes look more doll-like. They also feels thicker than my old ones (I’m not sure if that’s just me). The color is pretty and it made my eyes look like dark, purple orbs under bright lighting. Sadly, it’s not that noticeable from afar. I was expecting this to be slightly lighter in color but either way, it’s still pretty.


These are quite affordable lenses. Two pairs of Flexwear Emotions Contact lens (good for 1 year) cost me 1170 pesos. If I remember it right, a pair would cost around 690 pesos. I’m not sure if they were on sale when I went there, but the price as posted on their online store is 790 for a pair. Either way, these are still cheaper than my old ones which costs around 500+ and are only good for 3 months.


Remember to always clean your hands before handling your contacts. Always clean them before putting them in your eyes and after removing them. Also remember to not reuse the solution in your case and to frequently replace your lens case. Lastly, DO NOT use water to clean your lenses. You can only have one pair of eyes in your lifetime so take care of it.


Alright! That’s it for this post. This is Jholly Nazareno signing out. Till next time! ❤



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