New Look: Beautylabo in Candy Apricot Review

Bonjour les amis! Today’s thoughts will be about my new hair color. ^_^

It’s been a while since I last colored my hair myself. Since I’ve started working, I’ve decided to leave the hair coloring to the experts. Well, until just recently. The roots of my hair are already noticeable and are already in need of coloring. Hair color in the salon I always go to, would cost me around 2000 for just the roots and around 5000- 8000+ for the entirety of my hair. Since I now have enough time on my sleeves, I’ve decided to color my hair myself and save the money that I would most likely spend in a salon.

I’ve only ever used Asian hair color brands when I’m coloring my hair myself. They have a wider variety of colors that can’t be found in western brands. I’ve already tried various brands such as Palty, Liese, Etude House, Tony Moly and Nature Republic. Not once have I been disappointed with the results. Unless you’d consider uneven applications, but that’s my fault and the the product’s.

I’ve decided to try the brand Beautylabo. The colors are pretty and I just can’t resist the urge to buy their Candy Apricot, a light, reddish-brown shade. This brand has been on the local market for a few years now, but I never really bothered with it. This will be my first time to use this brand, and I have no idea on how my hair will turn out.


Beautylabo in Apricot Candy

I bought 2 boxes since I have thick, very long hair. I just hope its enough to cover my whole hair. The packaging of this brand is as cute as any other asian hair dye brand. I want my hair to turn out like the model’s hair in the box, but due to years of experience, I know that it’ll never reach that color unless I bleach it first. * sigh * According to the box, the hair color itself contains almond and coconut oils. Both are good for treating damaged hair. Hopefully, my hair won’t turn out heavily damaged after this.


Back of the box

Here’s how you’re hair is supposed to look like after. Since my hair closely resemble the last set (very light), I expect my hair to be a nice shade of light red-brown with orange-y tint after coloring.


Each box contains 1 cream colorant, 1 cream developer, a nozzle for the bottle, a pair of plastic gloves, and a instruction manual. Sadly, It does not contain a cape nor a hair treatment pack which other brands provide.


Hair color mixture turned purple a few minutes after mixing the yellow colorant and white developer

Using this hair dye is the same as other brands. Just mix in the colorant in to the developer, shake, change the cap to the nozzle, and apply to your hair. Leave it for 30 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Since I was never one to follow the 30 minutes rule, I left it on my hair for a total of 1 hour. After rinsing, I applied handfuls of treatment wax (good thing I have tubs of those in my bathroom) and left it for another 10 minutes before rinsing again.


So here’s how my hair looks before coloring and after coloring. The black roots had been covered.

I think I did a pretty good job on trying to evenly color my hair. 🙂 It did not turn out like the model’s hair, nor the reddish-brown with orange-y tint as seen at the back of the box. It ended up with a pretty orange with reddish brown shade. I actually like it.


This is a lot cheaper than other brands that I’ve tried. A box only costs 239 pesos. So I only spent a total of 478 pesos. Other brands would cost around 400+ for a box. Not to mentioned the amount I saved for not going to the salon. 🙂 (I can also be super thrifty sometimes. LOL!)


While searching online, I saw that Beautylabo also have Raspberry Pink in their variants. It wasn’t on the racks when I bought these. Maybe next time I’ll try that one. I saw a lot of reviews about this color (Raspberry Pink) and I really want to have pink/ red-violet hair, just for the sake of trying. 🙂 LOL!

One more thing, If you have asthma like me, I strongly advise you to wear a face mask. The scent is a little strong and it may or may not trigger an attack. Just to be on the safe side, please wear a mask when coloring your hair. Not just for this brand but for all hair dye brands in general. 🙂


Alright! That’s it for today. This is Jholly Nazareno with a new hair color, signing out.Till next time! Ta-tah!



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