My Miniso Haul

Hi guys!

Have anyone of you heard about Miniso?

Miniso is a japanese brand that offers a variety of fashion and leisure products at a very affordable price. It actually reminds me of Daiso which somehow looks like a Uniqlo store. Overall, the store was very inviting. Miniso has been in Philippines since last year, but most of its branches are located a little bit far from where I’m staying. I was glad that they finally opened a store a little nearer where I am.

Without further ado, here’s what I bought on my recent haul at Miniso.


I got myself compressed face masks, a clear bottle, charcoal sachets, a perfume, lavender essential oil, and an elk plush.

The variety in their products just made me want to splurge some more. The only thing that stopped me was my conscience telling me to just buy things in moderation and consider my wallet’s health. LOL!


1st Item: Fascinating Sakura Lady Perfume

Cost: 99 pesos

It’s small, cute transparent bottle was the first thing that caught my attention. I also liked this perfume’s scent. I actually reminded me of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume, which was weird since its supposed to be cherry blossoms. Either way, it smells nice and the scent does not easily fade.


2nd Item: Top Cap Bottle (30 ml)

Cost: 49 pesos

This carry on travel bottle can be very handy. According to its label, its ideal for lotions, hand cream, UV milk and shower gel. I was planning on using this to store the leftover essence from the pre-soaked face masks I bought. Most of them have too much essence, and I find it very wasteful to just throw it away.


3rd Item: Lavender Essential Oil (10 ml)

Cost: 199 pesos

According to its packaging, this is a mix of lavender and sweet almond. This essential oil can help hydrate and repair the skin. It can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I plan on using this oil for one of my DIY face mask concoction. Though you can also apply this on your face as it is, after cleansing. I’m just not comfortable with applying oil on my face so I mix it in my face mask mixture.


4th Item: Bamboo Charcoal Fragrant Sachet (Rose)

Cost: 99 pesos

I was curious about this product. This is basically bamboo charcoal mixed with essential oil. According to the label, this thing has dehumidifying, odor- dispelling, air purifying, and virus resisting functions. It also acts as a scented are freshener. I’m not really sure if all these are true, but it surely made my closet smell like roses. That’s good enough for me. I’m actually thinking if my brother would allow me to put these things in the car rather than that dizzying, car freshener he usually buys.


5th Item: Compressed Mask Sheet (40 pcs)

Cost: 99 pesos

Their tablet like form, was enough to spike my interest. The first time I saw these masks was while watching a Korean beauty show where they were reviewing different mask sheets. I was ecstatic to see it on the racks and I knew that I needed to try them out. Miniso has 3 varieties of this. The only difference is their material. One was made of bamboo charcoal, the other is made of pure cotton, and the last one is made of Japanese fiber. What I got is the cotton.

These tablet-like mask are very ideal to use if you like creating your own face mask recipes. They work best if the mixture is leaning towards the watery side. You can also use store bought essence for these. I’ll probably be making a full review of this one soon.


6th Item: Elk Plush

Cost: 299 pesos

I know this ain’t beauty related, or anything like that. I just can’t help myself. It was cute and soft, and it looked like it was sleeping soundly in the racks. The moment I reach out to touch it, I knew that I just had to buy it. I named him Elkie, by the way.

That’s about everything I bought at Miniso last weekend. 🙂 I really enjoyed my time looking around their store. There were so much to see. I’ll probably be visiting their store every time I’m in the mall just to check if they have new product on their racks. 🙂


Side Note: Have you watched Sleepless (2015) yet? Its a Filipino indie movie aired about 2 years ago. A friend of mine invited me to watch it last weekend, and may I say, I wasn’t disappointed. I’m not usually a fan of Filipino movies, but I find this one quite good. The cinematography was a bit on the rougher side and the camera was a bit shaky, but that’s the charm of indie films. It was one of the few Filipino movies that I really enjoyed.


Alright! That’s it for today. This is Jholly Nazareno signing out.

❤ Merci beaucoup everyone ! ❤



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