A Subtle Blush Effect: Miniso Cushion Blush in Peach Pink Review


I usually am hesitant to buy cosmetics and skin care products that are made in China. There had been a lot of products ( toys, foods, etc.) reported to contain chemicals that can be harmful to one’s health. Though I am also aware that not all Chinese products are like that, I would still rather be cautious. Despite my hesitance, I shall brave myself and try Miniso’s cushion blusher. As we know, Miniso is a Japanese brand, but most of their items are made in China. Sadly, their cushion blush is also made in China.

Miniso Cushion Blush Peach Pink

The packaging is similar to bb cushions, but a bit smaller.

It has a separate tray for the puff which also acts as a way for it not to be drenched in the cream.

I actually prefer to use cream based blush since it’s easier to apply and it last longer than those powder type/ compacted-type blushes. The consistency is similar to that of bb creams except in cushion form for easier application. It also has a small mirror. 🙂

There was no available tester for this so I had no idea of the exact shade when I bought this. I chose this based on the picture on the box. Sadly, it wasn’t the same as the actual color. The one on the box appeared like a light shade of reddish pink while the actual one was more on the orange side. (Sorry I have no picture of the box. My mom threw it away before I can a get a picture of it.) The box is quite deceiving.

Miniso Cushion Blush Peach Pink

I like the nice blue color of the puff that it comes with. The consistency of the blush is not so thick nor is it too watery. I find it just the proper consistency and it was very easy to blend.

Miniso Cushion Blush Peach Pink

I actually like this particular color despite it not being the color I anticipated it to be. It not that noticeable in the picture, but it actually gives of a faint pinkish peach color (not so orange-y as how it looks in the “cushion”. I found out that I can actually use this blush to contour my face if applied with the proper amount and in the right way. If applied generously, it can give my cheeks that subtle blush effect with a bit of shimmer. It works well for me, but sad to say, this shade will only works well for people with fair to white skin.


One of the key reasons that persuaded me to buying this product is the price. For a cushion blush, its quite inexpensive compared to its Korean made counterpart costing only 299 pesos.


It works quite well for me. The packaging is handy and the mirror is actually usable despite its small size. (LOL! There are actually cosmetics that have weirdly made mirrors.) The color is nice and the its very easy to apply and blend on the skin. The price is also very affordable. My only problem with this is that it contains methylparaben. 😦 As we know, paraben is bad not only for our skin and for our health.


Side Note: I feel like I’m stuck in where I am in life…. The feeling that I want to take a step forward but something just keeps blocking my way… sigh … and I don’t know what it is.


That’s it for today’s post. This is Jholly Nazareno signing out. Thank you for dropping by Footprints! See yah! ❤ ❤ ❤



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