jadoremavie94 Tony Moly Liptone Lip Care Stick

Chap-Free Lips: Tony Moly’s Liptone Lip Care Stick Review


I’ve already tried loads of lip balm from many different brands. If my memory serves me right, my first one was a soda flavored balm my mom bought for me at Bench when I was in grade school. A week after, I bought the mint flavored one. Hahaha! And that’s the start of my lip balm hording spree… I’ve tried a lot of variants from Nivea, Chapstick, Maybelline, and even those Watsons branded lip balms. My last one was from Etude House (Sugar Tint Balm). I actually liked this a lot. Sadly, it was out of stock when I went to buy another one since I was already running out. My next option was to look for another one and I came across Tony Moly’s Liptone Lip Care Stick.


The Liptone Lip Care Stick (lip balm) has 3 variants: Honey Moisture, Rose Blossom and Mint Light. The only available one in the store was the Honey Moisture variant. If all three was available, I would have bought one of each. *cries* You know, I can never have too many lip balms on my bag. Lip balm is my life. 😀

Why is lip balm my life, you ask? Well, for anyone whose lips gets sooooooo chapped to the point that the skin is hardening and peeling (don’t forget that it stings and putting lipstick is never a good idea when its at this state), lip balm would always be a necessity. I literally have 2-3 sticks in my bag whenever I go out. All in different flavors. But of course, I do have my favorites, which usually ends up consumed faster than the others.


The packaging style is simple and sleek with a dash of cuteness which is mainly contributed by the choice of color. It comes in stick form, which I prefer over those places in small jars or tin cans. (I find it more hygienic.) 🙂

jadoremavie94 Footprints Tony Moly Liptone Lip Care Stick in Honey Moisture

The balm itself is not too sticky, and is somehow absorbed by my lips. (I’m not sure if absorbed* is the right term for it.) It doesn’t feel like goo in my lips. The color is the same as its cover. It somehow reminds me of beeswax. The scent is as expected. It’s “H-O-N-E-Y”, without the sweetness. It’s smells okay for me, but I do prefer something sweeter.

Like other lip balms I’ve used, this also does it’s work well in hydrating my dry lips. It helps smoothen it, especially when I’m to put lipstick on. Chapped lips and lipstick is never a good combination. 😀


Tony Moly’s Liptone Lipcare Stick costs 198 pesos each. It’s quite affordable.


I really like this balm. It does it’s work well, it’s cute and it’s easy to use. The scent was fine for me, but I would have preferred it to be sweeter. I’ll probably try the rose and mint variants once they restock it. Hopefully, at least one would be as sweet as how I want my balm to be. HAHAHA!!! 😀 It’s also not that expensive. :3


Side Note: I’m lost in this world that keeps on taking 5x the steps I’m taking. *sigh *


That’s it for today’s post. This is Jholly Nazareno signing out. Tata for now!!!



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